DMCA Policy will like to clarify that the images which we use on the website may be found on the Internet, and are regarded as open source for use for representation purpose. The content and images on the internet, are subsequently in public domain and thus prompting those who are willing to do so. Moreover, being responsible for our action Cricket Liga never intentionally wants to violate, or infringe rights of an individual or a firm, expressly stated by the same. If you are the sole rights holder of any image or material that appeared on our website, please make justify your point to inform the company of the same.

We strictly avoid violation of any sort of copy right or right of ownership, if any individual or a firm has any kind of complains of Cricket Liga using their owned or copy righted material that is unauthorized to do so and or comes without suitable credits can send us a written complaint/ notice/ request to withdraw the image/ content or others.

The forwarded complaint/ notice/ request must contain:

  • Name with other valid details of the complainant and a document expressing the party of being SOLE right holder to the image, content or others concerned.
  • The exact place on the website where the aggrieved party first saw the content, along with a visual proof of it or URL link of the page.
  • Specific details of the concerned image, content or other.
  • A declaration addressed to Cricket Liga, of being the rightful owner of the work used inappropriately by the company; (which will be used against if the complaint is fraudulent / misleading/ defamatory for the company.)
  • If you are a Second Party writing to us on behalf of the Original Copy Right holder, make sure to attach a letter of authority and the Physically or Electronically signed Declaration by the First Party or the Original Copy Right holder.

If any among the above details are not completely or inappropriately filled and sent to Cricket Liga, in minor cases the request may not be considered and in certain cases may ultimately result in a suit being filed by the company against the individual or company who is trying to wrongfully frame Cricket Liga in a baseless case.

It should also be remembered that once a fully valid and verified complaint/ notice/ request is received by us it will revert to the aggrieved party in writing (on the email id used for sending the complaint/ notice/ request) acknowledging the same with a requested duration during which the concerned issue will be rightfully addressed.

Considering all off these facts and clauses as an important part of the founding policy of the company, Cricket Liga never ever intentionally hold any right over anything which is owned by a party other than Cricket Liga or its Associates.