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10 Actionable Cricket Betting Tips to Win Big (2023)

In this article, we will review the top 10 actionable cricket betting tips to help you win big in cricket betting. Many has use these 10 tips to help them wing.

As one of the most popular sports globally, cricket has impressive appeal in terms of entertainment and reward for both the fans and the players.

It’s even more exciting for cricket enthusiasts who enjoy online betting from their smartphones, PCs, or desktop computers. Fortunately, several online casinos support cricket betting now. Thus, online bettors have an incredible list of bets to choose from. 

From match betting, completed match bets, tied match bets, innings run bets, top bowler, top batsman, over/under score to the tournament’s outright winner, several bets and odds are available to explore. Whether you are betting from India, Bangladesh, or any region within Asia or beyond, you’ll find respectable online betting site offering games from different competitions. 

Some top competitions to find great games and odds include England Tour of Australia 2022, the T20 World Cup 2022, the Spain Triangular Series 2022, England Tour of Pakistan 2022, LPL 2022, the T10 League 2022, etc.

However, understanding the game and finding trustworthy online casinos is one thing; betting to win big on cricket games is another.

If you would like to make savvy moves and win big from top sports, here is a list of expert cricket betting tips to keep in mind.

Let’s begin. 

1. Check team’s previous performances

Cricket Betting Tips check team performance

Cricket betting tips #1 is to check team’s previous performances

Here is arguably one of the easiest approaches to inform your decision-making when it comes to cricket betting.

However, many people often forget it out of the euphoria of simply betting on their beloved team or player. If you want to win big, you need to relax and take a more informed approach.

For example if you are betting in BPL 2023, you may review the BPL 2023 team and their history performance.

To check a team’s recent form, simply click on the team’s name on your online casino and to see their previous matches. It’s advisable to check only their three or five matches. 

Look through the statistics of both teams and consider their weakness. If one team is better offensively or has a run of a good win, you can choose your bet accordingly.

Be informed that not every online casino provides a team’s statistics. So, you may want to run the check on Google on cricket betting tips, the team’s website, or an online casino that provide such statistics. 

2. Consider the team’s superstars

Cricket Betting Tips Star Player

Cricket betting tips #2 is to consider the team’s superstars.

If you intend to bet on cricket games, you are probably familiar with the sport and many top players in most teams. Whether you are familiar or not, it’s highly recommended to consider the standout players.

Many cricket odds are calculated with the presence of superstars playing a major role. This is because a team that includes a proficient spin bowler or batsman could be the game-changer or the core of the team’s strategy.

Now, act by finding out about the superstars of a team. Look through the player’s performance in recent games and availability for the upcoming game.

If the player is very likely to play in the next game, you may consider going for props. This means you bet on the performance of the player who is likely to be the Man of the Match.

However, game experts recommend focusing on spreads to lower your risks. 

3. Harness bet trackers

Cricket betting tips #3 is to harness bet trackers.

One of the common mistakes that newbies in cricket betting make is not to consider tracking historical results or skipping the steps.

Don’t do this if you want to win big. By choosing to skip tracking your results, you are losing out on many pieces of crucial information. This is one of the important cricket betting tips.

Contrarily, consider using an automated bet tracker to assess tipster’s performance in detail. In this way, you can comfortably optimize your stake plan strategy. 

Furthermore, harnessing bet trackers help control your cricket betting. Aside from bet trackers, informative tools, such as free bet calculators, could come in handy in learning how much you can make from your stake.

This enables you to determine whether the risk is worth taking or not. Bet trackers, game statistics, and bet calculators are important tools for making better decisions in cricket betting. 

4. Be ready to spend time

Cricket Betting Tips Spend Time Research

Cricket betting tips #4 is to be ready to spend time.

Making a lot of money from cricket betting is not just about spending money. Yes, it is true that you need to deposit in an online casino to fund sports betting.

However, having the time to research and apply the knowledge in your choice of bet is more important. Spending time on research help you increase the cricket betting odds and understand more cricket betting tips.

This is because you can spend a few rupees and win big if you have the right information to stake well. Contrarily, spending a lot of rupees without any background knowledge can lead to loss of funds to online casinos. 

So, be ready to spend time learning about the team’s details, performances, and recent results. Also, it’s highly recommended to learn about crickets before engaging in cricket betting if you are not used to it.

Also, check out players’ capabilities and news updates about the team. Sometimes, a team may suffer poor performance due to a lack of encouragement or bad emotions in the dressing room. And you’ll only know this if you read news and cricket betting tips about upcoming games and the concerned teams. 

5. Understand cricket exchange bonuses and promos

Cricket Betting Tips Good Cricket Exchange

Cricket betting tips #5 is to understand cricket exchange bonuses and promos.

Unlike some years back, sportsbook providers and online casinos have understood the importance of attractive offers better.

A quick search of many top betting sites in India and Bangladesh will reveal a long list of bonuses and promos. Several bonuses are often attached to sports betting, including cricket tournaments and matches.

For example, you may look at this Krikya Casino. It is one of the top cricket exchange in Bangladesh.

As a player, it’s recommended to look for a betting site offering exciting bonuses as part of their customer for players.

This is advisable because you can play more with free money and win more with it. After spending time learning about the sport, game, and bet to choose from, you can bet more with available bonuses on the betting site. Placing multiple bets using bonuses could be a game-changer for you. 

6. Learn the cricket betting market

Cricket betting tips #6 is to learn the cricket betting market.

Here is one of the less utilized cricket betting tips by bettors. However, most experienced and ambitious cricket bettors understand the need to master the betting market.

Understanding the cricket betting market means learning the sports market to play and when to play your bet. When it comes to cricket sports betting, you should study both the pre-match market and the in-play market. 

For pre-markets, you’ll find many top crickets betting odds, including bets on the best bowler, best batsman, player of the match, and the outright winner.

For instance, you may have the odds of Sachin Tendulkar ending the game as the best batter for India against Pakistan. In this case, the odds may be low because Sachin is arguably the finest batsman in history. If you want to play safe, you may go for the best batsman bet. However, don’t forget that the winning may be low.

The in-game market enables many professional bettors to win big.

However, you don’t necessarily have to be a pro to take advantage of the in-game cricket market. The most important thing is to understand the game and consider multiple factors.

The in-game cricket market enables players to bet on events during the game. For instance, you can bet on the runs on the next ball, runs in the first six overs, the next batter, which will be dismissed, etc.

For this market, consider games in the T20 tournament as it often involves big names that you can easily predict their performance.

7. Keep the weather in mind

Cricket betting tips #7 is to keep the weather in mind.

Hardly will you find a newbie or inexperienced bettor who would consider the atmospheric conditions.

Contrarily, the top bettors know that the weather may play a role in them winning several dollars when things fall in place.

Keeping the weather in mind is important cricket betting tips because cricket is hugely influenced by atmospheric conditions and the nature of the pitch. If there is dew or wind, it can affect the trajectory of the ball. 

Additionally, good weather conditions may help batters in scoring more runs. On the contrary, bad weather conditions may assist bowlers in dominating the runs because they get more swing and better movement of the ball in the air.

Therefore, pitch conditions and weather conditions are secrets that many bettors use in picking their bets and winning successfully. So, consider checking the weather in your pre-match assessment. 

8. Check the pitch situation

Cricket Betting Tips Check the Pitch Situation

Cricket betting tips #8 is to check the pitch situation.

Over the years, game analysts have found that certain pitches may put the game in favor of a team or a specific player.

The state of the playing field is important because the performance of a visiting team could be influenced. This could be due to weather conditions such as dew, wind, or hot temperature.

For instance, playing at Galle International Cricket Stadium in Sri Lanka under a hot sun is more favorable for some bowlers. 

Also, it is well documented that batsmen may struggle due to the impact of a damp pitch, as the ball is likely to be slowed down. Light rain or high moisture can reduce the grip between the feet and the ground because of cohesion.

Thus, the batter will need more effort when batting. These are the important fine margins that make the difference between a massive winner and a minor winner. 

This is one of the cricket betting tips that differentiate big winner and small winner.

9. Consider team experience

Cricket betting tips #9 is to consider the team experience.

Experience factor should be non-negotiable when choosing cricket bets. While talent will make a player stand out in a game, the experience will help a team win tournament. This has been the case for many years.

When considering experience, this is not just about age. Some players are young but have played several games due to their impressive talents, performance, and hardworking spirit. Thus, it’s not just about looking at the age of each player when assessing the team’s experience.

Instead, consider looking at their appearances in top cricket tournaments and matches. The overall experience of a team can impact the outcome of a game significantly.

Also, check the experience of the team in playing against their opponent’s strategy. If the strategy of the opponent is something that they are very familiar with and won against in the past. There is a high chance that they will win again. 

10. Leave emotions aside

Cricket betting tips #10 is to leave emotions aside when you are having cricket betting.

When it comes to sports betting or esports betting, you need to put emotions aside. In other words, you are advised to play with your mind and the reliable information gathered.

Many punters fail because of their emotional connection to their nation’s cricket team, especially India.

However, the reality is that the stats and current situation may not favor your team’s chances of winning. So, rather than choosing your bet based on your heart, it is more advisable to stick with your gut. 

Being logical will help a lot when betting on in-game markets. This is because the market is always spontaneous, and the odds change quickly.

This is the most important cricket betting tips you should apply.

Thus, you want to stake your bet on the current reality and not your love for a player or team. It’s even trickier because you’ll have little to no time to think when engaging in in-game betting.

Conclusion on cricket betting tips

Winnings from cricket betting could be life-changing if you can commit time to research and play with your mind. Hence, you need to have some cricket betting tips to increase the odd of winning cricket betting.

Also, you’ll need to keep certain expert recommendations in mind so as not to fall into the same ditch that many losers encountered.

From checking the team’s form, harnessing bet trackers, taking advantage of bonuses, mastering the cricket betting market, watching the weather and pitch, to playing with your mind, you’ll be positioned in a better place to win than lose by utilizing the cricket betting tips shared herein.

Also, some of the recommendations may even assist you when you choose to engage in other sports market betting. 

However, always remember that winning from cricket betting start with choosing a reliable and secure online casino. Hence, it is always advisable to read reviews about potential online casinos and sportsbook providers before signing up.

In this way, you can determine whether the betting platform is available to Indian and Bangladeshi bettors, offering competitive cricket bets and supportive to players.

You want to play on a betting site that offers lucrative bonuses and promos. This will help in having more money in the account to play more bets and win some more.

More importantly, you’ll be confident that your personal and financial information is safe from fraudsters, scammers, and phishers. 

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